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Seattle Music

Shows, Musicians, and the Scene

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All Members , Moderated
What this community is for
  • Post about upcoming shows in the Seattle area, whether it's your garage band, a big name act, some local jazz performers, or any other type of music.

  • Discuss recent shows in the Seattle area.

  • Post "musician wanted" or "band wanted" ads, whether you're trying to form a band or just need some talented people to play an event.

  • Discuss the overall state of the local music scene.
What this community is NOT for
  • Political debate (though posting about politics-related music shows is fine)

  • Housing listings. Try seattle.craigslist.org for stuff like that.

  • Drama. If you don't feel you're getting enough of it, you can always turn to ljdrama or something.

  • "Hatin'." Please don't reply to a post about a particular band/show/type of music and just say something without any point beyond negativity. There's a fine line between critique and antagonism, and you should stay on the critique side if you don't like something.
Seattle music scene resources: